Are you living in the shadow of a so-called-perfect life? Feel like your parents just don’t understand you? Looking for a safe space to vent and not be judged?

Opening up to a stranger can feel weird and awkward. You may worry about what I will think if you cuss or talk about your sexuality or the fight you had with your best friend over a video game. Don’t worry, whatever you are going through won’t scare me. I love hearing about your journey and where you are.

You may feel currently stuck in some choices that led you down a path you didn’t intend to go. Or maybe you just want some help concentrating on your dreams. Either way, shoot me a text and let’s schedule some face to face time to chat. Counseling doesn’t have to be scary. I take a very relaxed approach to working with teens. I walk you through the whole process and we work together toward a more authentic you. We laugh, do art, move, stretch, breathe, cry, create, and sometimes play in sand. Still unsure? Follow me on Instagram to learn more about me.



Looking in the mirror and feeling tired of your situation? Has perfectionism trapped you in a cycle of guilt and shame? Do you want to finally be free from the bitterness, resentment, pain and un-forgiveness that has trapped you? Life doesn’t have to be this hard my friend. There is a better way to live a more authentic and whole life.

You may have spent far too long hating your body, your job, your disability, your marriage, your kids, or that dream that you never could achieve. STOP cycling the same old patterns that leave you feeling stuck, isolated and alone. Freedom is achievable. You can learn a kind of self-acceptance that covers the pain that has kept you from thriving. Don’t keep inching backward, call me today and let’s talk about how to move forward.




Did a tornado hit your house or are you just surviving the toddler years? Are you navigating the waters of a painful bomb drop that your teen just dumped on you? Whether your child is facing drug addiction or potty training the emotional, physical, and psychological damage to your well being is likely to be similar.

When was the last time you slept, ate, had sex, or did anything other than numb the pain by binging on Netflix? Taking a relational approach to connecting with your child is my specialty. It’s OK that you are struggling. Let go of the guilt and shame that are binding you to your pinterest boards of doom. You don’t have to have all the answers. You are the expert on your child and I come alongside you to help guide you through the trenches and in to a thriving relationship. Learn to love your kids, your spouse, and your self more. Heck even your dog will thank you!