How do I create a safe environment for families in my Church?
What is the best way to approach a teen in crisis?
How can I best empower the Women in my organization to embrace healthier boundaries in their relationships?
What do I do to inspire self-love in the lives of teen girls who feel stuck in the cycle of bad choices?

It is an absolute joy to work with organizations and individuals on furthering education, creating policies, sharing experiences, creatively solving problems, and empowering growth.  I believe that it is a combination of personal experiences and professional education that has led me where I am today.  And I’m so grateful to be able to come alongside you to meet whatever need your organization might have.

Topics of Personal Experience & Special Interest

  • Youth Ministry Consultation: Creating a safe and effective environment for reaching teens, assisting parents in special teen issues, adolescent counseling, implementing more creativity within your youth group, approaching difficult topics among pastors/teens/parents.

  • Prepare-Enrich Seminar Director: I can custom tailor a pre-marital training utilizing the Prepare-Enrich material for your Church/Organization. FMI visit the PREPARE-ENRICH WEBSITE.

  • Utilizing Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI ® Practitioner) to teach a gentle way of caregiving to kids and teens from hard places.

  • Women’s Events: eating disorders, body image, creating healthy boundaries, dealing with an invisible illness, domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, and healing from past hurts.

Previous Speaking Engagements:
GAP (Girls Awareness Program)-Trinity High School
Alliance for Children-TBRI ® & Program work
Fellowship of The Parks- Celebrate Recovery
Girls Empowerment Conference-Gracefully Strong

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