A Word for 2018

The year 2018 came with many bumps, bruises, lessons learned, triumphs, goals conquered, tears, and laughter. I began the year 8 months pregnant and saying goodbye to my grandfather whom I treasured very much. I mourned over distant relationships that had been neglected. I set and achieved a few business goals. Started pilates and ended pilates after my shoulder re-injury and subsequent surgery. I went on an epic vacation to Colorado to celebrate ten years of marriage and get away from my three kiddos under the age of four. I don’t think I read a single book all year long that wasn’t an audio book. I didn’t even touch a single crafty project. I didn’t finish my kids’ baby books. I was diagnosed with a connective tissue disease called Hypermobile Ehlers’ Danlos Syndrom (hEDS). I learned my limitations, I grew immensely, I struggled, and I overcame.

My word for 2018 was “health” which is still rather laughable to me since I spent about 80% of my time focusing on that very concept. My new word for 2019 is “STRETCH”. This new word feels so perfect for my current season. I’m attending physical therapy three times a week for the next three months until I’m released to pick things up again and STRETCHING is exactly what I’m doing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

STRETCH: to be made, or capable of being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking.

To stretch my body physically to be able to reach and extend my motion to a healthier state of being.
To stretch my heart further than it’s gone before in areas of patience, love, kindness, compassion and joy. 
To stretch my expectations of myself without breaking myself in guilt and shame. 
Stretch my time to include less time worrying about little things and more time laughing with friends.
To stretch my arms to God in ALL things and not just what I remember to go to Him for.

Ok 2019, Let’s Do this!!!