Stuck. Overwhelmed. Depressed. Anxious. Disconnected. Lost.


Have you ever felt lonely in a room full of people?
Are you a teen living in the shadow of a hidden life that’s causing you pain?
Tired of the cycle of yelling at your kids?
Looking to break the toxic patterns from your family of origin?

Your story matters. You deserve compassionate care and a safe space to process your pain, passion, desires, and thoughts.



Counseling for teens, women and parents

Utilizing a compassion filled approach to connect families in situations that seem impossible. Inspiring teens to new ways of dealing with old problems. Encouraging women toward healing, healthy boundaries, self-love, finally healing old wounds and a deeper understanding of their authentic selves.


lindsey wamsley

Licensed Professional Counselor
TBRI ® Practitioner
Prepare-Enrich Facilitator